Shandong Qilu Zhongmu group is a modern high-tech agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales, technical service and feed raw material trade of feed additives and additive premix. Headquartered in Jinan agricultural high tech Development Zone, it currently has three production bases: Jinan Zhongmu Aoli Industrial Park, Shandong Qilu Zhongmu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Shandong Zhongmu Chemical Co., Ltd. It has successfully set foot in feed additives, composite premix, biotechnology, international trade and other industries. It is a feed manufacturer, large breeding enterprise Traders are comprehensive group companies that provide products and management technical services.

Qilu Zhongmu group adopts centralized management and control by the headquarters and operates and develops in three business segments.

一、Build a modern feed additive base with Jinan Zhongmu Aoli Industrial Park as the core

After nearly 20 years of development, the feed additives and compound multidimensional products produced by the company have formed a certain popularity and influence in the market. The products have been highly praised by users and recognized by the industry with advanced quality, stable quality and high cost performance. With the development of the industry, the company cooperated with Aoli group to invest 100 million yuan to build Zhongmu Aoli Industrial Park in 2018. The park covers an area of more than 50 mu. At present, four independent production workshops, quality inspection R & D and office buildings with a construction area of 20000 m2 (phase I) have been put into operation. The complete set of equipment of the compound vitamin production line is designed, manufactured and installed by Buhler company of Switzerland. It adopts the world's most advanced central control system and accurate micro weighing system. It has a unique traceable bar code from raw materials to finished products, achieving production automation, informatization, programming and accuracy, so as to realize the traceability of raw materials, controllable process and reliable product quality.

Qilu Zhongmu enables the enterprise to lead the development of the industry era and expand the market share through measures such as scale expansion, image improvement, increasing R & D investment, business mechanism innovation and improving market service capacity. The output value of the industrial park is planned to reach 500 million yuan within three years and 1 billion yuan within five years. We will strive to build it into a Star Park of domestic agriculture and animal husbandry industry and make due contributions to the development of animal husbandry in our city.

二、Develop and extend the industrial chain together

Taking advantage of Qilu Zhongmu's brand, technology, management, capital and other advantages, integrate social excellent resources, complement each other and develop together, not only extend the company's industrial chain, so that the company can develop more stably and healthily, but also give full play to the effectiveness of social excellent resources in the industry, so as to truly achieve adult self-improvement and common development.

Provide a stage for excellent personnel and integrate upstream and downstream resources. The sales volume of Shandong shuangbang agricultural and animal husbandry compound premix put into operation in phase I is expected to reach 18000 tons this year; At the end of last year, the company introduced a professional team and established the acid preparation business department, a substitute product. After nearly one year of operation, the monthly sales volume has reached more than 1000 tons, with a good development momentum. At present, the anti oxygen and anti mildew series product team has begun to operate. It is planned to complete the construction of (phase II) new car room in the first half of next year and build a new product and team with an annual sales of 10000 tons. The plant essential oil project is being launched. In order to implement the requirements of Jinan Economic Development Zone, Shandong Zhongmu Jiashi International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in cooperation with Jiashi group to carry out the business of imported feed raw materials and import and export feed additives. We keep up with the pace of industry development, continue to extend and expand the industrial chain, and have the confidence and ability to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

三、Platform operation integration and common development of upper and lower resources

Relying on the company's business network platform, taking advantage of the company's influence in the industry and the preferential policies provided by upstream manufacturers, we provide good services for partners in technology, management and raw materials, so that platform enterprises can enjoy the same preferential treatment, improve the market competitiveness of platform enterprises and promote the healthy and sound development of enterprises, At the same time, it also ensures the stable improvement of the company's product sales.

Qilu Zhongmu service platform focuses on creating an excellent intelligent supply chain for feed enterprises and raw material suppliers. We establish strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises, establish procurement database and customer database, grasp the change trend of raw material price, ensure procurement quality, integrate capital flow, information flow and logistics, and reduce procurement costs. At present, the company has more than 700 long-term cooperative customers, covering 28 provinces and cities in China. After more than one year of operation, the number of platform enterprises is increasing, and the price of platform products is becoming more and more advantageous. Only in September, the platform provides member enterprises with more than 3500 tons of methionine, so that they can really enjoy the price of raw materials purchased by large groups and get the benefits brought by the platform; Thus, it provides a guarantee for breaking the group monopoly, reflecting fair competition, enabling the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises and better serving the development of animal husbandry. In the future, we will further expand groups and varieties, pave the way for the development of platform enterprises and better serve customers.

Qilu Zhongmu group always adheres to the corporate purpose of "paying attention to animal nutrition, paying attention to green health and improving service quality", and provides services for users, employees and partners based on the core values of cooperation, development, win-win and sharing; Create maximum value for enterprises and society; To develop rural economy and realize common prosperity; Contribute to the development of animal husbandry in China!