Vitamin K 3£¨MNB£©

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Vitamin K 3£¨MNB£©
Base on MSB, combining niacinamide molecular groups, MNB replaces sodium ion and 3 crystal water in MSB. For one thing, this eliminates the presence of water molecule which is the main factor of product instability. For another thing, big molecular group blocks the way isomer transforms, which restrains isomer from coming into being. Also, the presence of supportive molecule group favors the transformation and absorb of VK3 in organisms.
 Chemical name:
 Menadione Nicotinamide Bisulfite(MNB)
 Molecular formula, Molecular weight:
Structural formula:
Physical characteristics: 
White crystal power, little water ¨C soluble(1.3g/100ml), easily dissolved in ethane and chloroform. 
MNB unique advantage:
 Based on MSB, combined with niacinamide molecular group, MNB has higher stability and bioactivity. It also saves the separate quantity of the addition of niacinamide.
 Airproof avoiding light, heat and moisture. Under original packing, the guarantee period is 12 months. However it should be used as soon as possible after unpacked.
menadione content
Nicotinamide content
Guarantee period
12 months
Cardboard barrel
12 months
 High bioactivity:
 The concretion time of blood is in the inverse ratio with the bioactivity of VK3.The concretion time of blood of different type of VK3 with different concentration (PPT/sec.)
 VK3 concentration£¨mg/kg£©   MNB      MSB
0.10                         52      78
 0.20                          34      56
 0.40                          29      35
More excellent stability:
 1, the stable time of MNB and MSB in feedstuff mixed with vitamin:
  Add MSB and MNB with the same menadione content to feedstuff mixed with vitamin, and airproof the swatches in room temperature for 4 months, the result is as follows: (ratio of reservation)
VK3 sourse  1month later  2months later 3months later 4months later
MNB              97.5%           90%         85%          83%
MSB              79%             61%         46%          32.5% 
2, the effect of graininess and reservation of feedstuff to the stability of MSB and MNB:
  Taking pig feedstuff for example: (content of MSB or MNB)
Type of additive   Before grained   Number of days after grained
0          15         30
MNB                   100%           94%        83%        78%
MSB                   100%           61%        33%        29%