Garlic oil

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Garlic oil
Molecular Formula:C6H10S3  Molecular Weight: 178.27 
Molecular Formula:C6H10S2   Molecular Weight: 146.21 
CAS NO:8008-99-9
specific gravity:1.05-1.1
refractive index£º1.550-1.580
Qi Lu Zhongmu than ten years production history, a self-developed advanced production technology. The production process stability, low residue allyl chloride, which is the most advanced technology, high content of active ingredient.
Garlic oil is light yellow liquid with strong garlic odor, insoluble in water, partially soluble in ethanol, although the main component of garlic oil in the case of sulfide compounds, but relatively stable chemical properties, in the non-acid environment, can withstand 120 ¡æ more difficult to break down the high temperature, but if the long-term exposure to UV radiation, biodegradable.
 [Main Ingredients]: mainly by Diallyl disulfide Diallyl trisulfide and composition, content of ¡Ý 98%
 [Executive standard]: Chinese Ministry of Agriculture NY/T1497-2007
1. with effective sterilization. Against Gram-positive bacteria, the role of negative bacteria are killed. Alternative to feed antibiotics. Control animals, dysentery, enteritis, Escherichia coli, respiratory diseases and rotten fish gills, red spots, enteritis bleeding.
   2.Attractant and to improve feed quality. With the pure smell of garlic¡£Can improve the feed odor and stimulate fish, livestock and poultry produced a strong attractant effect, so that increased appetite, increased feed intake¡£
3£®With resistance to fungal effect. Results show that: Allicin of aflatoxin, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigatus has a strong inhibitory and killing effect, can effectively prevent moldy feed, extended storage. Can replace feed mildew inhibitor
 Storage:  It should be sealed and stored at a cool place.
Quality Assurance Period: 12 months (sealed).
 [Packaging]: 25KG / plastic drum