Chromium Polynicotinate

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Chromium Polynicotinate (Chromium  nicotinate
[Molecular Formula]: Cr (C6H4NO2) 3
[English name]: Chromium Polynicotinate
[Chemical Structure]:
[Molecular Weight]: 418.33
[Standard]: NY / T 916-2004
[quality indicators]:
Test items (chromium nicotinate)
Assay [Cr (C6H4NO2) 3 dry basis]%
≥ 98.0
Chromium (Cr)%
Heavy metal (Pb)%
≤ 0.001
Arsenic (AS)%
≤ 0.0005
Loss on drying %
≤ 2.0
Fineness (to 100μm sieve)%
≥ 95
Niacin Chromium is a small smoke gray powder, good fluidity, stable at room temperature, insoluble in water. In which the organic chelating trivalent chromium chromium, can be passed directly on the cell membrane, can enhance insulin activity, improve glucose metabolism in the human body. Department of Agriculture Bulletin No. 658 approving the product for the new feed additive.
1、Promote animals growth rate,and promote protein synthesis
2、Promote gonadal development, Improve the quality of ovulation, improve reproductive performance.
3、Ketone bodies decreased fat, increased lean meat ratio, meat quality significantly improved.
4、Improve the fertilization rate and chicken egg laying rate the quality and reduce the ratio of meat and eggs.
 5、Enhance immune function, increased stress and reduce disease.
[Recommended Additive Amount  (Unit: kg/t):]:
the original powder of chromium nicotinic acid
3-6 g
Cattle, sheep
3-6 g
3-5 g
4-8 g
[Shelf life]:12 month
[Storage]: It should be sealed and stored at a cool place.
[Use]: Medicines and Health Products s, food additives, feed additives显示对应的拉丁字符的拼音