Chromium picolinate

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Chromium picolinate
[Molecular Formula]: Cr(C6H4NO2)3
[English name]: Chromium picolinate
[Chemical Structrue]:
[MW]:  418.33
[standard]: NY/T 916-2004,USP32
[quality indicators]:
Test items(Chromium picolinate)
Assay[Cr(C6H4NO2)3 dry basis]%
Loss on drying,%
Chromium(Cr3+) %
Heavy metal(as Pb) %
Arsenic(as As) %
Degree of fineness(100 um) %
Chromium picolinate tiny purple-red crystalline powder, good fluidity, stable at room temperature, slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, in which the chromium is trivalent chromium. Good fluidity, stable at room temperature, insoluble in water. In which the organic chelating trivalent chromium chromium, can be passed directly on the cell membrane, can enhance insulin activity, improve glucose metabolism in the human body. Department of Agriculture Bulletin No. 658 approving the product for the new feed additive.
1, it can promote animal growth, and promotes protein synthesis.
2, it can promote gonadal development, improve the quality of ovulation and improve reproductive performance.
3, it can reduce the effects of body fat, increase lean, significantly improve meat quality.
4, it can increase the rate of fertilization in breeder and improving egg quality of laying rate, reduced egg ratios.
5, it can enhance the body immunity, increasing stress and reduce disease
Recommended Additive Amount  (Unit: kg/t):
Chromium Picolinate
Growth rate increased by 6%;lean meat rate increased by 10%;birth rate increased by 12%
Cattle /sheep
Growth rate increased by 4%;milk production increased by 3%
Growth rate increased by 8%;
Growth rate increased by 8%; the amount of Ovulation increased by 15%
[Shelf life]:12 month
[Storage]: It should be sealed and stored at a cool place.
[Use]: Medicines and Health Products s, food additives, feed additives